Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Evidence of Boys

Taron and Keaton both in football pads and Coop loving his brothers!

This is Squirtle the Turtle- he's sure a resilient little dude! Coop plays fairly rough with him and he seems no worse for the wear. He makes a great incentive ;)

Coopers new favorite TV is The Cat in the Hat on PBS. One of last week's episodes showed the kids and the Cat going to the Jungle of Wag-a-Tag-Tail to try out different animal tails. Coop thought it was pretty great and so right afterwards I made him his very own lizard tail! Ry had fun chasing him around trying to get it off! Good times :)

Playing in a puddle in front of our neighbors yard- gotta love country life :)

My Ry baby...

Wringing out the last of summer at the park...

It's a boys life indeed :)


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