Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hogle Zoo and More

This last weekend we thought we'd remind ourselves once again that we are country mice by venturing to Salt Lake... Actually we wanted to visit Hogle Zoo before the summer really ran out and stop by IKEA to celebrate my "first 29th" birthday. :) Ended up being a fun little jaunt...

One of the first things we did when we got to the zoo was go see the bird show, which is run by a falconer friend of Stephen's. A good portion of the show I was watching Cooper through the lens of the camera rather than watching the birds, but I daresay it paid off- love this pic!:

Cooper couldn't get enough of the snakes and frogs and such- funny how he's leaning clear across the barrier!
Ry so cute at the glass!

And of all the things at the zoo Coop loved this dinky little pond with a few orange fish in it! He wanted to go back to it several times.

I thought the baby elephant was so sweet! It's neat to watch how the mama takes care of her.

A little pitstop on the caurosel:

At the very end on the train with Mom- at this point we were so hot and ready to go. Couldn't be much clearer on the boy's faces eh? :)
I didn't end up with any pictures from any other part of our trip, but we enjoyed dinner with our friends the Walls and browsing around IKEA too. Fun to go and fun to be home again too, as always! :)


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