Sunday, December 12, 2010

White Pre-Christmas

I daresay this is the first year (of my adult life at least) that I can say I've been sledding before Christmas- usually all the snow fun happens in January or February it seems. But this year it's more like white Thanksgiving than white Christmas I suppose! Our snow is very nearly gone now. But a couple of weekends ago we ventured back into the South Hills and took the kids sledding! (we've vowed to spend more time in this backyard playground of ours this winter!)

 The hike back up the hill made me think of how easy my parents made it for us as I was growing up- they always carted us back up on the snowmobiles! No doubt they would have thought this hill was "cityfied"- we weren't the only ones there! ;)

Taron hit the hill like he belonged there- on his snowboard and for some sweet sled jumps! Keaton played in the snow and tormented Taron with it every chance he got, of course! :) Trying to keep a toddler from rolling himself down the hillside kept me from being a very good sports photographer unfortunately... Cooper didn't really care for the downhill sledding- both the little boys will still take being pulled for a ride rather than blazing the mountain :) So we pulled them around at the bottom- do you think Ry is comfy or begging to get off!? :) Pretty sure Coop was ready for him to get off at least! They were the cutest thing ever...

 We had ourselves a winter tailgate with hot chocolate and gingersnaps before we left. Ryder got a little bit of plain milk in a cup instead... and quickly splashed it across himself! And anyone with any sweet tips on keeping little kids gloves on... do share. We attached both of his with duck tape and still one slipped off! :)

 Later in the week Coop helped me build our very own Frosty in the front yard. The snow was perfect for packing but even by the end of the day Frosty looked pretty sick with his eyes all sunk in... southern Idaho weather was already starting to melt him away!

No doubt more snow will come and Christmas will be here with or without the white... it's just giving me some time to take care of those buried leaf piles I had mentioned... ;)



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