Thursday, June 7, 2012

Avengers Buffat Style

With school out, Taron and Keaton have gotten to be around more in the last couple of weeks. We are excited  to have Taron with us through the week all summer long and Keaton on the weekends! I know two little dudes who think it's pretty great having them around for sure :)

Last week while they were both here, I also watched some friend's of ours' kids while they were at the hospital having a new baby! Seven kids was a thrill for sure! It's actually pretty amazing how they kind take care of each other, actually... Anyhow, pool noodle sword fighting was involved :) Two things: 1) Yes, Cooper dressed himself first thing that morning (it's highly possible Keaton helped, he's pretty fond of the stripes and plaid combo himself); and 2) somewhere in the fray, Taron is trying, highly unsuccessfully, to sleep on the couch. :P Oh, and I love little Ry's face in that pic!

Then these last few days, Taron was with us on his own. All of the boys are pretty into Avengers right now, or really just superheroes, and Taron made Coop and Ry these awesome shields! Then he engineered some foam swords out of the pool noodles. And then himself a Thor hammer out of a small box and pool noodle. They would go out to the tramp and thrash around, all acting out their own Avenger. They dubbed me Black Widow... to which I responded that I'd rather be Pepper Potts, ya know, keepin' the place in line and all ;)

We also got to celebrate Taron's 14th birthday with some good friends and my in-laws! Ya think he likes his new hunting knife? :) I actually suggested iTunes credits, but got out voted by the men around here, clearly. :) I think that thing looks pretty wicked, but it would be neat to see him get to use it on his own kill this fall! Can't believe he's 14! I've said it before and believe it more all the time that this kid is rare. He stands out from his peers and we are so proud of him! He can't stop reminding us that he starts Driver's Ed in December- wow!



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