Monday, June 4, 2012

Cooper Conner Turns Five!

Our Coop is now a true blue five year old!
Thought I'd share a bit of our excitement before it got to be old news :) 
He woke up to this fun balloon banner and loved it!
Indeed, it had to be restored three times during the day,
but that wasn't as many as I might have expected actually...

We had left a few small presents on the counter for him to open first thing and then the star of the show (his new, bigger bike) just outside off the back porch. One of the small presents was a bike horn and he had to go searching for what he could use it on :) He walked right past the new one looking for his old, familiar bike, of course :) It was pretty great to see his thrill when he saw this one! And yes, I've already often regretted having bought a horn for it... ;)

Showing off his shark swim set- right up his alley :)

Then we spent some time getting all ready for his little party. It was a simple affair- fun and comfortable for his little friends I hope. :) I didn't take really any pictures of the few little things Cooper had helped me think of and create for it- just this one of a few extras when it was all over with. He put a shiny little whistle and a gumball in each of these cute paper containers for little favors. He also labeled a brown paper sack with each of his friends names and some stickers so they had a place to put this and pinata  goodies :)

 They all loved jumping on the tramp! I think they liked how short it is and I was relieved that they could still all jump on it together. Two summers ago my Dad suggested on a whim that we try taking out the tall pieces of the legs on the tramp and it has worked great for keeping the little guys safe!

Taron and Keaton actually helped me design and set up a cool obstacle coure for them all, but I didn't get any pics taken of that part! They had to slide down the slide, hop over some pool noodle arches, pop a water balloon with their bum or belly, crawl under the tramp, then jump back across from the other side, stomp over bubble wrap we staked in to the ground, and then finished by digging through  a bin of spaghetti noodles to find a quarter! It was pretty fun- I think Cooper liked it best of all :) He thought the noodle bin was great, but I think most of his little friends thought it was just weird. Oh well!

Then they played the little game where you run to the end, put on the silly clothes and run back for the next teammate to put them on. They got a kick out of each other for sure! The pinata was the last thing- I'm hoping to post a little somethin' about how I make these soon! They are so tough and cheap! And indeed, Taron got the pleasure of being the muscle to crack it open in the end :) Stephen held to rope with the pinata on it and tormented the kids to no end lifting it up and down while they tried to swing! If you know my husband at all, you can surely imagine how it went! ;)

Later that night, Cooper got to blow out his candles on his cupcake pyramid. We put little glittery lizards on top of each cupcake and borrowed some of the bugs from the set my parents gave him to decorate it too :) Overall it was a great day and he was very happy with all of it! I was exhausted by the end of the day, honestly- larger birthday parties like this are few and far between for us- we normally just celebrate with family, but this was fun to do for him for a change too!

We love our smart, busy, excited, impatient, stubborn, so-very-special five year old!

This was taken just the day before- of me wearing a weed flower he picked for my hair :)
Five years ago, you made me a whole different, hopefully better, person, my Cooper :) I love you!


PS... I just realized that this also marks four years that I've been blogging! I think my very first post ever was when Coop turned one :) 


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