Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stuff that Summer is Made of

Just a little update of the daily us lately, soakin' up the Summer...

Cooper is on a local T-Ball Team that runs through this month- the day of his first game was seriously freezing! It felt more like they were trying to pretend it was summer in the middle of winter! Still though, I think watchin' little kids play T-Ball might be one of the cutest things ever :) He has been really enjoying it and does great at gettin' right in there :) Gives him a chance to be around some kids he'll go to school with at least :)

We've also discovered the Rexburg Splash Park! Ryder doesn't like water over his head yet, but he enjoyed it nonetheless. Coop, on the other hand, was in heaven there!

It shows, eh? :)

In other highlights that tell this Mama it's summer... beloved weed bouquets. :)
I get one of these (or something fairly similar) every few days and couldn't love it more!



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