Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'Cool' Birthday Invite

Somehow it seems turning the big 0-5 warrants a shindig around our house ;)
It sure seems like Cooper has been counting down the days until his birthday since Christmas!
A long while back I asked him what he thought he wanted for his birthday and he said, "A party!"
Made me smile for sure :)

Last week he delivered the invitations and helped me with the details of them even.
I saw this cute paper popsicle idea and thought that the real deal would be even better!
So he helped pick out which popsicles he wanted and wrote his friends names on little tags himself.
It was stinkin' cute to see him hand these out to his little friends!
He's really been very involved in the details of his party- we're excited for it to finally get here!

If this is an idea anyone else could use and make their own, here is the basic portion of our simple invite you can grab as a printable- just click, then right click and save. Create a type layer in Photoshop with your own details for the bottom, or use a text box in Word too. :) I also did a pink one for the girls! Grab a bag of your kid's favorite icy treat, hole punch and tie with a ribbon and your set!

Just thought I'd share- isn't this the cutest little dingbat font for boys?!
I thought it was perfect for Coop and used it to create a divider on the invites!
You can find it for free here :)
Any dingbat makes for a cute little touch to these invites-
use a separate text box or type layer and add to your own too if you like!
I love how dingbats make it so easy to add graphics!

Anyhow, Enjoy! Next time I post, my #1 will be #5! :)



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