Thursday, May 24, 2012

They are Loved...

... and It Shows :)

Visited my parent's for a bit of diversion while Stephen's been gone and it was a great trip. Grandpa's work schedule allowed him to be around a bit and he squeezed in ton of fun with Coop and Ry. There is something about being here that most always rejuvenates and motivates me. I sure hope our home does the same for the boys one day.

Ry started learning to pedal a trike while we were there!
I love, love, love proud little moments like these as a Mom!

Watching him try and be so excited, and in looking through these pics, the thought crossed my mind (it often does, actually, over all kinds of small moments) that he has... they have... been saved. Saved for these days, for when the world is the hardest to live in. And, so long as I don't screw it up through my hard knocks learning to be their Mom, they are up for it...



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