Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Storing Time

Stephen is gone to Casper, Wyoming, to live it up cover someone else's vacation time for work
for the next nine days... Because we knew he'd be gone for the next while, we spent these last couple of days trying to store some time with Dad where we could.

Taron and Keaton split their Mother's Day weekend with us and got stuck helping their Dad with a wicked aquarium project...

As a side business, Stephen takes care of commercial and residential aquariums and sells livestock and equipment for them. The boys were an awesome help to their Dad and are real troopers for pitching in! The little boys were certainly distraught that they only saw the brothers for the blink of an eye is about all!

Normally Stephen's "side" endeavors are pretty much his own, but I can pretty well say lately that I'm getting to be quite the little partner... even if I do kinda feel like a bull in a china closet all the while! After seeing him off on his plane, we got to pick up and deliver a cool fish order to a customer:

Kinda neat, eh? :)

Monday Stephen was able to take a break in the day
to pretend again to fish at a city fishing spot very near his office.

Black Guy makes anything fun and fine :)

Cooper got really quite good at casting himself and loved playing with the worms no matter what!
Yet, again, not even a nibble, but at least we went and Stephen made the effort
to do what they enjoy with them before he left :)
And the next time we pick up Taron and Keaton it'll be on our way to go camping, not working!

I know lots of families deal with Dad traveling for work a lot, and I am as grateful as grateful can be for Stephen's job, but I know I'm sure not cut out to be without him for the majority of things. Everything runs smoother and simply IS better when we are operating togetherDo you ever kinda wish that you could really, truly live off the land out in the middle-of-nowhere and work for the sake of survival rather than money, just enjoying family and each other as though there was nothing outside? In theory I do... How did life get the way it is over the course of time?  What a rhetorical question, eh?!  Anyhow... We have some fun things planned and intend to see some of our very favorite people while Dad's away, but we will sure be glad when he's home too! 



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