Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Has Brought Me

I recently snagged this fun CD "Popcorn Bopping" at Seagull Book and we have been loving it! If you haven't pressed play up there yet, you really should :) I couldn't help but do another "shameless plug" here on the blog to share! If you want more of a listen to each song, you can click HERE. If you remember, we are a dance party kind of family, so this was a fun addition! It makes for a fun diversion during the day for the boys and I and no doubt would be sweet on a road trip!

In other fun type news...

While Captain America, Iron Man and the random treasured kids meal toy have become new favorites for my action figure loving little man, "Black Guy," seen here, is still number one. I sure love and appreciate that Ryder plays pretend- he talks his guys to each other, flies them around the house, searches with them for monsters in the closet and begs me constantly to play along! To which I often do and the guys are introduced to each other for the thousandth time, several times in a row :)

Is there any more fun treat for kids than cupcakes with sprinkles?!
(Popsicles might be starting to win the battle around here lately, actually...)
And there is any way to keep yourself from smiling when you see
the job they do at decorating their cupcakes themselves? :)

Or when they eat to this point and then ask
"Mom, could you just put some more frosting on this please?" :)  



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