Thursday, May 3, 2012

Realistic, Simple and Cute Teacher Gift!

Today was Cooper's last day of preschool- both exciting and sad.
I've had multiple thoughts over the last couple of weeks as far as what he could give to his teacher,
Miss Stacie, to let her know we are thankful for all she does.

She runs her preschool for 12 kids in her home, so relies on her personal property more than most teachers. It occurred to me that something she surely goes through a ton of is paper! I know this is super simple and not as cute as lots of teacher gifts out there, but she actually did seem excited when he gave it to her! I actually like the idea of giving teachers something they need- it's not as fun to buy those things for yourself, ya know? :) For a cute touch, I made up this little rhyme:

"For every letter from A to Z,
There's been more than one paper you've given to me.

There's also been numbers, shapes and art-
so many papers to help make me smart!

Each page you've given with kindness and thought.
Here's some in return to say thanks a whole lot!

Thank You for caring about who I am and will be.
You'll sure never ever be forgotten by me."

Cooper loved it! I know it's silly, but I was happy with how it turned out and that it really did say what we both wanted. I just love this sweet lady- she is so kind and I never feel judged by her. She has been awesome to my son and I know he really will always care about her too! I put the papers in this tote that was about the right size- I thought it added to the gift and would be something she could use to store papers in as she needs for her school.

If this is an idea anyone out there might be able to use as well, here's a couple of printable tags you can grab- just click, then right click on the image alone and save or copy to print :) There's room at the bottom for your little student to write their name themselves. I cut out a 4 1/2-inch scallop shape on my Cricut to place behind it... Enjoy!

If I would've had some wide ribbon, I would've certainly grabbed it first, but I didn't, so I sewed up this strip of fabric that I wrapped around the reams of paper- simple, realistic and cute all in one! :) 



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