Saturday, May 12, 2012

Adorable 'Less Dishes' Mother's Day Gift

So it occurred to me that this weekend and into next week, we'll be getting to see not only our Moms,
but also our sisters and sisters-in-law that are Mom's themselves.

So, I searched my "Gift Ideas" pinboard and decided this pin would work well for a
Mother's Day gift on-the-quick that we could give to them also!
I seriously went from having the thought to put something together to having these totally completed
in very little time at all... The boys helped me stack them up, of course :)

A set of paper plates, napkins and cups!
One of our sets has bowls instead of napkins that works also.
Even if all my sisters end up doing is taking this straight out to the camp trailer,
they will undoubtedly be useful :)

Super, duper simple and could be done very inexpensively. Even if you went and got the stuff for these tomorrow, you could have it put together to give as a cute gift to a Mom in your life :)
Grab this printable tag to go with:

Oh, and for anyone interested, we got our paperware at Target. The napkins were back by the seasonal dishes :)
Enjoy! And Happy Mother's Day!



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