Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This family has now been fishing twice already this Spring...

... and has been bamboozled, hoodwinked, shut-down, denied both times!
Yes, we are 0 and 2 to-date.
We even drove clear out to the middle of nowhere again
because Stephen had heard the fishing was great...
maybe these boys are all just better at looking cute than they are at reelin' em' in? :)

We first went to Roberts Pond, not far at all from our house,
and realized pretty quickly that a fish fry later that day was not in the cards...

... so the boys broke out the wrist rockets and shot rocks instead :)
Throwing rocks into water is the coolest thing ever, it's true, even as a teenager!
(We only have two wrist rockets, so Keaton looks bored waiting.)

(Taron's waders are a little small, eh?) :)

And this last weekend we cruised up to Birch Creek...
only to find that the water was running fast as fast.
Stephen and Keaton both had bites, but nothing committed.

I got some stinkin' cute pictures, though, eh?!
Both of these fishing trips I've actually decided at only the last minute to come along for the ride-
thank goodness I have the camera to keep me occupied while they all do their boy thing!
Next trip, I'm pretty sure I'll take advantage of the window of time for a break instead, though!

Cooper was no worse for the wear at our lack of fish
because he wrangled up a bunch of these little snails... eeeww!

When there was no catching going on, again the boys turned to another tool of the trade
and we went shooting. All that sagebrush- couldn't resist!

Ever the collector, Coop gathered shells the whole time
while Ryder played with buttons in the truck :)
Honestly, shooting guns makes me miss my bow...

Had to try being Top Shot too, of course...

My little band of men did appease me with a family picture of us all- it was high time!
Clearly, we were entirely bamboozled, were we? :)



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