Monday, May 7, 2012

Boredom Busters Boy-Style

Ask an Idahoan about the weather and you'll very likely hear the funny adage, "Give it a few minutes and it'll change," in response! It's true, I daresay, too! Awhile back we had some amazingly warm weather and since then it's been teasing us with plenty of sun, but cold wind to go with it and rain mixed in. So, while we've gotten outside quite a lot lately, we've had to hang inside plenty too. These are a few of the fun, super simple little things I've come up with for the boys to keep them from killing each other or watching Toy Story on VHS even one more time! :P

Like most boys, they love to jump! They fly themselves off of beds, chairs, stools, counters, etc, with confidence as though they had wings! I recently grabbed some larger sized scraps and clipped the edges to look like a "POW!" or "WHAM!" burst form a comic book. Then I taped on some plain string and hung them from the beam to our front room. They jumped off their small chairs and the step ladder to try and whack the burst at the same time! It was so simple and plain, but they loved it! It occupied them off and on through the weekend in fact! 

Then another afternoon I grabbed my roll of cellophane (any wrapping paper roll would work) and bound it to the edge of a kitchen chair to create a Hot Wheels tunnel:

I braced the opposite end on a bar stool and used big tape rolls to keep it in place- so simple and quick! They loved running as many cars as they could, as fast as they could, down this tunnel!

Don't ask how many outtakes I have trying to get this picture of a car zooming out of the end!
They enjoyed seeing them collect in the bucket and then start all over again :)

This next one we tried just recently, having just seen in it in the current Family Fun magazine:

I bought these pool noodles at Dollar Tree and then put them together to form a target for the boys to throw soft balls, or other straight noodles, through. We're anxious to get this staked outside in the yard to play with it outside, but it was nice to be able to brace it between two chairs and have it work inside too :)

And a few parting shots, just because... :)



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