Friday, August 15, 2014

#ad Helping Hungry Kids, Random Act of Kindness Style

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I love doing Random Acts of Kindness with the boys! I know, I know... you already knew that ;)
I thought the #HungerHeroes campaign, working to fight hunger and feed hungry kids, going on at Sam's Club this month sounded like something we could do simply and really enjoy. Summer has involved a lot of running around and doing things as a family, so a chance for us to focus on others was needed around here! We made it a fun, knock-and-run random act of kindness :)
Hunger Heroes is about action, turning families into superheroes that understand the awesome power of giving. My boys are already superheroes in my mind in lots of ways, but I want them to feel that potential from the inside- and thinking of others above themselves is what will give them that :)

So what is this Hunger Heroes program, really? You can't wait to find out, I know- you want this experience for own kiddos, really, you do! :) 

During the month of August (only a couple of weeks left!), Tyson and KRAFT will help feed a child in need each time a Tyson® Fully-Cooked Chicken Nuggets 5 lb. bag, a KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinner 7.25 oz. 12-pack, and/or a Capri-Sun 6 oz. 40-pack are purchased at Sam’s Club.

And that's it- all you have to do is grab the things you already do. My kids aren't the only ones who eat mac n' cheese at least once a week for lunch, right? And I'm not the only Mom that's thankful for chicken nuggets in the freezer on those days you just get home and everyone is immediately starving? And I know when there are no more Capri Sun pouches in the fridge, the boys think the planet must be drying up- ha! :)

I grabbed all three items at a demo at Sams Club recently- the demo makes it really easy to grab all three things right there. Stephen took the boys while I shopped, so I might have wandered around the aisles rather slowly, myself ;)

I knew that I wanted to do something fun with our items- my boys eat a lot, but there was still plenty to share! They love knock and running for a random act of kindness- leaving a treat at someone's doorstep, knocking and the door and then running away quick so they don't know who it's from. It really is one of our favorite ways to deliver kindness to our neighbors :)

I got our food items laid out on our picnic table and found some white buckets we had for putting them all in. A cardboard box or anything would work- I just happen to have a lot of these buckets lying around from Stephen's work. They made it easy for Cooper to carry later, too.

Coop and Ry had fun piling all the food into their own bucket- it was pretty cute to see how they looked after their handiwork! :)

I made a quick little note that I could print and add to our food packages. I love the idea of delivering the stuff to make an actual meal- we've often given just treats to our neighbors, but this version was more realistic, more genuinely helpful.

We used a bit of tape to add the tag and were ready to go deliver! The boys also seem to argue over who gets to go first to knock and run. We decided on a family not far from us that I know is expecting a baby any day. She has pre-teens also, so I knew that these were meal items they would appreciate. :) (Anyone would, really!)

Cooper hid behind a bush after ringing their doorbell- they really didn't see him miraculously! I had parked behind some trees.

When I opted to add the whole bag of chicken nuggets frozen I knew we would have to make sure our recipients were home and actually watch to make sure they got the gift. In both cases, we were able to see them bring the items inside- that is really a big part of the fun of this activity! It's awesome to see their excitement and confusion :)

Our second house is a family with a sweet handicapped daughter. We've been slowly getting to know them and knew they would really appreciate this :) There was a fence perfect for hiding behind at their place. The boys had to fight the sprinkler getting away!

And, just like that, we're not only hunger heroes, but got the blessing of feeling the joy of a random act of kindness :) I think that great buzz it brings is pretty much like a drug... a good one :)

Your family can become hunger heroes too, even just in making a thought out purchase at Sams Club this month. You can visit a demo at your local store August 23 or 24. Find the items in their actual aisles, or right at the demo table too..

And should you choose to deliver your meal items, you can print the tags HERE.
Also, try this Hunger Heroes game for the chance to win prizes- receiving while giving back! :)




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