Friday, June 27, 2008

A week in the life

Learning to feed himself... We tried this for the first time last night and he did surprisingly well! Makes me kinda sad though that he's big enough for that!
Getting a haircut- Dad decided Mom was no longer in charge of haircuts after the last one. :) So Stephen did the cutting while I supervised- Not too long ago he scared me on the phone when he said that he had buzzed all of Cooper's hair off along with Taron and Keaton's! He knows how to get me goin' (and I know, it doesn't take much.) Stephen did great of course and Cooper looks adorable with his new summer 'do:
Hadn't been combed yet, obviously... :)

He loves his fire engine! He loves being pushed around for a ride, pushing the button for music, putting toys inside, pulling it wherever he goes. Love this pic.

That's us for the week- looking forward to the weekend with the boys. Our little town has a Fourth of July Parade and fireworks the weekend before (strange I know), so we're taking the boys to that- we'll see how Cooper does through the fireworks. Last year he slept through the whole thing... Happy weekend all!


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