Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Water FIGHT!

Tried so hard to get Cooper to cooperate for a quick pose with all three of them, to no real good avail... he just wanted to play and tease his brothers! :)
Last night Stephen was on a job late and the boys kept entertained while it was still light and warm enough by starting a water fight using plastic cups and Cooper's little pool in the backyard! I could forever take pictures of them all playing together. It's fun to see Cooper trying to be in the thick of things with Taron and Keaton. Love these three dudes :)

Retaliation :)

LOVE this pic- wet and happy :)

Cooper trying so hard to be in the thick of things...

Refill time...

He wanted so bad to get a drink but the pressure was up too high and he really couldn't! I kept egging him on just so I could get the classic summer pic of him drinking from the hose. :) Awesome summer evening!


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