Friday, November 13, 2009

Creative Energy

Lately I've been feeling creatively pent up, as though I just can't even stand not to make the ideas and thoughts in my head become reality. One night last week Stephen shot down all my excuses in a hurry and told me to get after it. So... I did.

And the feeling of uplift that seemed to happen automatically as I spread patterned papers and ribbons across the living room floor had me convinced... I need to create. It is part of my well being. I can be a better Mom, better wife, better sister and friend, a better ME when I do something creative each day. I feel invigorated by planning and producing things that are unique to our life. I have lots of reasons to be happy and using my talents is my happiness frosting. And life is just better with frosting, ya know? :)

So, this cute Thanksgiving garland is Exhibit A :) This is what the spread of paper and ribbon was all about.

And today's bit of frosting are these caramel apples. I was hoping to replicate Rocky Road and Apple Pie varieties from Rocky Mountain Choclate Factory. Somehow in my head these are a great kids treat- apples, you know :) Plus Coop enjoyed helping, so there was no battle for my attention or burning the midnight oil to make it happen. Yummy...


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