Monday, November 2, 2009

Skeletons and Pumpkins!

Our pumpkin boys! Doesn't Coop look dazed and confused? :) He loved his green hair and was pretty darn excited the whole night. We had to convince him to keep his costume on at first, but he quickly forgot that it was bugging him ;) He got lots of cute comments all night long! And I wore little Ryder around as he slept in his fuzzy "Little Pumpkin" outfit.

We had Garnder's over for a mini-party before we went trick or treating together. Coop loves playing with balloons- love this pic. Below are our fun cupcakes that we delivered to neighbors as we trick or treated.

We played a fun skeleton scavenger hunt game- I hid bones of a skeleton decoration around the house and the boys had to find them and re-assemble onto the outline, which I traced onto Christmas wrapping paper :). Turned out really fun!

Thanks to our great friends fora really fun Halloween! I think it's fun times like this that make childhood magical...


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