Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recent Cooperisms...

With Taron and Keaton earlier in the month- he literally spends the entire time they are here in hyper excited mode!

Cooper (while playing beside me on the kitchen table): "Mom, can Nephi come over to play?"
Me: "Nephi? Like from 'Journey to the Promised Land'?"
Cooper: "Ya, Nephi. I think he would just like to play with me."

Just the other day, Cooper was playing around on his bed at the same time Ryder was laying there as I was working around the room and into the hallway. I told him to make sure and be careful with Ryder on the bed too. He replied, palms and shoulders up, "I won't break him. Cuz then there would be no more Ryder's."

Not too long ago, Coop came in to the house after being outside with Stephen and, once the coat and hat and etc. were off, pulled up his pant leg to show me an owie on his knee
(invisible I might add)
and says, "Mom, I just felled off my motorbike (what he calls his little trike) and got dis owie. I need a rubberband." I replied, "You mean a band-aid?" :) Yep.



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