Monday, April 19, 2010

By the Midnight Oil

Thought I'd share a few bits of recent "frosting"... Seems lately that anything creative I've been able to accomplish has been by the midnight oil. Even though I generally should opt to go to bed I suppose that, as Stephen would say, I can sleep when I'm dead. :)

This is a paper bag album that I'll be teaching the ladies in our ward how to put together at next week's monthly Relief Society activity. I love teaching and helping others craft too! This example is a year-in-review, with each page or spread being a different month. It's very simple so we could keep the cost and the preparation run-around to a minimum, but none the less I like how it turned out. My friend Monica and I each put together a little book. Her's is of her oldest son's first year with the same idea- very versatile! Hopefully this will be a fun and productive night!

I found the idea for these ribbon wristlets at Tatertots and Jello and thought they were so cute! For some reason these just struck my style- I love, love, love ribbon! I like that these can be both dressy and casual, and that they were so easy and quick to make. I confess the one I wore to church last Sunday became more of a toy for Ryder than anything, but it still felt fun and springy- I hope to make more of these for gifts over the next few weeks!


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