Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Goodness

We really enjoyed a great holiday with all four boys! We had a great week with Taron and Keaton, and Cooper is the perfect age for Christmas all the way around! We are so blessed!

Taron shared the recipe for these fun cookies- peanut butter spread between two Ritz crackers, then dipped in melted chocolate. We added plenty of sprinkles too!

This is my new favorite Christmas Eve jammies picture ever!! Could these four get any more adorable/ handsome?! All four of them got new jammie pants but no shirts, so it was the perfect flexing opportunity :) Love little Ryder joining in!

Christmas morning all together- this was a really happy time. They were all so excited and grateful- a really fun year!

 And the next day at out family party, I finally got to meet my new little niece, Brylee! I have been so anxious and she is so sweet! Silly me forgot to bring her a gift exchange gift from Ryder though! Yikes- good thing she was none the wiser I guess :)

We then traveled to Grammie and Grandpas for a couple of days and enjoyed lots of snow fun! Our snow here is gone, so this was a treat!

While Stephen pulled the boys on the four wheeler, I got to trail around with my Dad on the snowmobile up past the house- what beautiful scenery! This is without a doubt one of my very, very favorite places on earth. So invigorating!


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