Thursday, January 20, 2011

Practically Spring

Could these two little guys get much cuter? ;) I love this sweet pic of Ryder- just a relaxed day at home, looking at me like I make him happy. And lately Cooper has been into combing his own hair. This was a particularly good hairdo proud! :) I LOVE THEM!

So it's pretty much spring over here in crazy south central Idaho... we need to head for home in order to remember what time of year it really is! Sure hope we see more snow before winter really is over- I'll take the white over the mud any day. The boys have gotten to be out more in the warmer moments though. Ryder thinks puddles are the greatest thing ever and Coop is enjoying his new "big" bike from Santa.

I've also done a few crafty things over the past while that I thought I'd share. I think this little toolbelt that I made Cooper for Christmas is the cutest thing ever! He can't stand wearing it, but oh well I guess! I keep trying to convince him it's cool... had to bribe him to get this picture. :) I followed this tutorial to whip it up from some fabric Mom had handed-me-down!

Awhile back, Monica made the funnest play dough for her boys and I have wanted to try cooking some ever since (I've only ever made a non-cooked type). I followed this recipe and it turned out awesome! (I just kneaded gel color in at the end though.) I can't seem to keep him from mixing the colors and don't want to make it no-fun for him by continually telling him not to, so it's now one big bunch of dark green though! :) Will absolutely be making this again!

These are some fun little fish that I sewed and stuffed for the boys! They have small washers on the mouths, then I glued a small craft magnet to the end of the string so Cooper and Ryder could fish! They loved these! I think Ry had a hard time understanding what was supposed to be happening, but was happy nonetheless just because Cooper was so excited! :) I originally saw this idea here. :)

 And woo hoo for the Valentines season! I love crafting things for this fun little holiday. Click HERE to download this free Subway Art from my design blog and get decorating! :)



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