Monday, January 3, 2011


This past Thursday, December 30, 2010, I watched my only brother get married. Watched my only brother be as happy as I've ever seen him! Smiled as I watched my new sister-in-law ask Cyndel to pinch her. Watched my husband watching me as we sat together in the sealing room. What a great day!

 Letting Stephen know I love him as we wait in the cold with them outside the temple afterwards. :)

With my beautiful sisters and Mom outside- I love this pic :)

Self-shot as we walked back to our car, ready to  be warm and feeling badly for Jodie in her short sleeve dress! I love this guy! I am lucky to have him, blessed that our life is together, that our own marriage is eternal! I am so grateful for my family- I am so proud of you Conner and Jodie! Marriage is bliss :)

To see more of the bride and grom, click on thier photographers blog here.



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