Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shorts, Plants, Popsicles, Smiles

We just bought a set of three tomato plants. I LOVE garden tomatoes. Stephen hates them with a passion! If he gets tomatoes on his order in a drive-thru (he always asks for NO tomatoes), he'll look up and call the place to complain! Oh well, bummer for him, more for me!

And for the boys I daresay... Cooper LOVES these little plants! He was the one that suggested we get them at the store and now he coddles them like they are his charge to keep well. :) He sits and watches them and softly touches the leaves- so cute! Wish I could get him to act that way towards Ryder... :)

Had a fun couple of really beautiful days last week- the boys got to wear shorts for the first time and suck up popsicles in the yard! See Ryder's squishy face at the cold of the first bite?!

These awesome popsicle holders are so handy! They make it so the boys hands don't get cold while eating them. I've been swapping these ones at whoopdwhoop!


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