Monday, May 30, 2011

Pocket Shirts

I have several posts in store and fun recent projects and fun to share, so I thought I'd post this one real quick before it gets lost in the shuffle!

Ryder was always tucking bouncy balls or little cars under his shirt and then poking out his tummy to show them off! I had the thought that I ought to sew him a pocket on the front of his shirt so he could tuck treasures in there and get the same effect, more effectively!

I'd say he was pretty happy with the result! The boys picked out these shirts for $2 each at Walmart!

I am a very beginning sewer, and no doubt this could have been done better than I did it, but I...

  1. took a strip of fabric just over the width I wanted and about two inches more than double the length (so I could fold in half and hem),
  2. then pressed and hemmed the ends,
  3. folded the entire piece in half top to bottom and pressed, then
  4. stitched the back piece of the top to the shirt as close to edge as possible, then
  5. top stitched the sides and bottom onto the shirt, leaving the front top piece open.
(I really don't even know the best lingo when it comes to sewing, so hopefully that made any sense!) :p

Coop chose a shirt with graphics on the front, so I put his pocket on the side!

The other day, Ry was wearing a different shirt and went to tuck a bouncy ball into his pocket! Made me smile :)... and realize there are many more of these to come! :)


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