Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sticks and Stones

Well, arrows and rocks anyways...
For the past while, Stephen's been digging out some old gear and doing a bit of trading to get us ready to start participating in some 3D archery shoots! Stephen used to be an awesome target shooter and hasn't done it in a long while. This last Saturday was the first shoot of the season. We love any chance we get to get down into the Snake River Canyon- it was a beautiful day!

We actually learned a lot and got more excited to keep shooting in the future. Next time we'll leave Ryder with a babysitter and make sure Cooper really wants to be there for the long haul- they both got tired too soon! It was interesting to see all the targets and lose a few arrows in the process!

The little boys loved this huge rock that was near one of the targets! Coop is telling me "I Love You" from the top!

I was actually able to cover this shoot for the Times News too, which made it fun! I liked being able to talk to and photograph the shooters around us. This is a really cool atmosphere, with most people there as families, packing kids just like we were!

I think this day made Stephen rather proud... and rightfully so! There will be more shots like these coming up this summer for sure! If you drive by our house during the evening these next few weeks, you'll see us out practicing!


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