Sunday, July 15, 2012

PVC Bike Mister!

Recently I pinned this fun looking PVC sprinkler idea that kids can ride their bikes through
and loved the idea! We set to work to build it right away- Taron was the muscle on this project
and it came together super quick! We followed the great instructions found HERE...

It's made using 3/4" PVC pipe and only a few different connector pieces. The part that makes it so fun and unique is the mister jets- we drilled holes, pushed in these mini jets and then dotted on PVC glue to seal it up. I was nervous it would all blow apart, but it works great and is super strong! The instructions call for it to be 5' tall, but we added an extra coupler to each side to make it 6' tall so even Taron and Keaton could ride bikes through.

The misters make the sprinkle light enough that even little Ryder totally loves it!
I didn't have the camera out when he was running through it,
but he probably enjoys it more than anyone else!
They've done more running through it on the grass than anything,
but it will no doubt be a mainstay in the yard for the next month or more!
One of my fav projects we've done in awhile- fun times!



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