Saturday, July 7, 2012

Water Rules the World

... or the Summer at least!
Pretty much every day for the last while we've been having fun getting wet!

We have been enjoying Rigby Lake, a super fun little spot not far at all from our house. I remember going on walks around this lake (which is really more like a large pond) with my Grandma Laura when I was younger. It has changed and been developed SO much since then! It is a weekday only, morning time preferred destination for this country mouse for sure- it gets SO busy! You can see why though :) Taron and Keaton love this slide that comes off the dock out in the middle. Despite all the other people trying to beat the heat too, we love this place!

Ryder likes the nice sand and
Cooper tries to pretend he's cool like the big brothers out with the big kids...

During our recent visit to my parent's, we trekked up to a cool swimming hole in the river that runs right through their property- it was a blast! We floated in tubes and it was deep enough that the brave souls among us got to jump from the log that had fallen across...

Ryder eventually jumped in to Taron and floated around with us- so cute! I love how you can just sense his trust in Taron in this pic above :)

I daresay Conner and Jodie got a kick out of our little guy while we were all home too ;)

Back at home, we created our very own water park with some plastic sheeting! We ran the hose down the slide and the boys all totally loved this! They got it figured out from both sides and kept Stephen and I entertained sitting to watch :)

Ryder didn't want in on the Slip n'Slide fun, but we enjoyed lovin' on him while we watched :)
I have lots of ideas for trying new things out with this sheeting- it is super cheap and fun!
However, next time, I'll pull it up off the grass immediately...
it cooked a nice strip in the lawn the next afternoon while we weren't at home! :/ :)



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