Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Nation Under God

I love Independence Day, this time of year, being an American and celebrating it!
I love all the Red, White and Blue. Love that feeling that I get
when I hear patriotic songs behind the bang of fireworks,
when I see all the flags lining the street as the parade goes past.
I love the thoughts of our forefathers, struggling and compromising as they built this Nation.

I got to explain to Cooper this morning what makes Independence Day
a special day and why we celebrate it. The explanation, of course,
went without the mention of taxes or polls or Obama.
And I felt so proud.
Proud as I mentioned George Washington and
the Revolutionary War being won against all odds.

That's what I'm choosing to think about today- our history.
A history that I feel so proud of and thankful for.
Any worry about the present and, especially, the future can drive me again tomorrow
and the next day and when it comes time to vote in November.

Read one of my favorite posts ever, where I wax poetic about America HERE :)
And for a great song and video to help you feel the spirit today... here it is: :)

Happy Independence Day all!


PS... Check out some of the fun things we've done to get ready for the day...

Red, White and Blue tie-dye! Unfortunately, the blue washed almost all the way out during the washing step- I was so bummed! So they all got new jammie shirts I guess :P  Ryder joined in on the rinsing step... :)

And our neighbors and friends will be getting these fun little gifts tomorrow after the parade! I saw the idea on Pinterest and used these cute printable tags from The Polka Dot Posie- I liked how they turned out and the boys all helped with the popcorn... both making it and consuming the leftovers! :) I love doing little things like these to mark occasions :) Let Freedom Ring!


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