Monday, July 23, 2012

Stand Fast

Not too long ago, Stephen and I got moved from teaching Sunbeams in our ward to teaching Valiant 9. It has been a good move- I love teaching out of the Book of Mormon. This last Sunday I got to teach them one of my very favorite scripture stories, Heleman's Stripling Warriors. I love the bold scriptures that praise these awesome young men and feel so strong when I read them! It was a neat coincidence, actually...

The later part of last week, Taron got to join the 14-18 year old young men in our ward at what was called "Heleman's Camp." They went to the Palisades area and had a spiritually charged, super fun and well planned trip. He came home with this sweet momento...

... an engraved, wooden sword. I asked him about the stacked letters, "IC" that are on the very tip of the handle. "I'm Committed," he immediately replied.

He went on to tell us about the devotionals and testimony meetings. It was clear as clear that he had been touched. He raved about the boating and the water slide and the paintball and the food and so on. But he also raved about how he felt while he was there.

He said that the leaders prepared and cleaned up the meals, while the boys had scripture study time. In everything he explained, it was clear to me that A LOT of work went in to this event... and that it paid off in the lives of these awesome kids, who, while they were tucked into the mountains over the course of just a few days, committed to serve our Heavenly Father in their future. They were like the Army of Heleman, they ARE, I should say- standing fast and being strict to obey, to rise above their peers.

Stephen and I were so proud of Taron as his leaders spoke very highly of him the next day at church. I've said before and will many times more, that I know Taron is a special, saved spirit. I know there is nothing he can't do! And, yes, he's pretty much a super tough ninja... ;)

Anyhow, regarding, the lesson... Hearing Taron's report on the camp made me feel even stronger about trying to convey it to our little band of nine-year olds. They, too, can look up to those young men that came forward to protect the liberty of their land and make sure that a covenant wouldn't be broken. I thought I'd share the quick handout I made, for anyone that might could use it with this scripture story in the future... :)

The small line at the bottom was space for them to sign their own names to remember to choose the right like the Army of Heleman :) You can click HERE to download a PDF with two on a page for easier printing too! Enjoy :)


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