Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Mashers Review {These Rock!}

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I got lucky as a member of the Mom it Forward Blogger Network, and was able to write this sponsored post for Hasbro's Marvel Superhero Mashers. I would say all opinions are 100% mine... but really in this case, they're my boys' :) 

I knew when I had the chance to review these toys that they could be a pretty awesome fit for this boys' world. I even kept it a secret from them and let them feel the thrill of getting a surprise package in the mail! There was even superheroes on the outside! They could hardly contain themselves... ok, really they almost never even try that hard to... they're boys :)

Inside our box was Spiderman and Hulk.There are more than 20 unique Marvel Superhero Mashers characters planned for 2014, but these two couldn't have been more perfect- two of Coop and Ry's favorites.

We immediately got them out of their boxes and started getting all the pieces together for each character. These cool toys are made so that the head, legs, arms and weapons are interchangeable- you can create all kinds of crazy combinations!

Good thing they came up with The Avengers first,
cause obviously one guy with all the right parts could've just handled it ;)

Cooper had no problem snapping the pieces together any way on his own. Ryder needed a little help, but got the concept no doubt. He was totally proud when he did get the parts together himself.

Getting them to swap pieces, I noticed a personality trait in both of them that I have to own up to them getting from me. They like things to be "right." They kinda wanted to keep them as Hulk and Spiderman! Originally, they'd trade one single part and then kinda look at their guy like something was wrong!

But, of course, once they got warmed up to it, they couldn't stop trying different things! They swapped legs, weapons and one arm to create "Spulk"- that's Cooper's- and "Tough Legs" for Ryder.

I love this concept of toy creation in the process of play and it worked magic, literally magic, with the boys! I haven't seen them play with a single set of toys for this long, and together at that, in quite a long time, like not since Christmas Day.

And I'm not just saying that because we were sent these toys to review- I really was thoroughly impressed! Anything that will keep the boys from thinking they need to be wrestling or from only disappointing each other because they can't get together on what they want to do, is fantastic in my book!

We get enough fighting and discontent as Moms, and too often things intended for fun and play strangely only end up meaning hurt feelings along the way. There was none of that with these, though. I was sitting down while they were playing in the other room and laughing with them and it occurred to me that something pretty amazing was happening in that moment :) I'll take it.

Of course, they later figured out they could go completely and totally wild-
nevermind that need to be "correct" for very long ;)

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We're excited to be looking for more of these to create new characters! As always, boys rule :)
Thanks for being here and make sure to try out your own mash up!



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