Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pretending Spring

Sometimes you just gotta pretend it's warmer than it really is, ya know? For about a month, Ryder's been saying he wants to go to the park! That and the beach :) He often asks, "Mom, is it summer yet?" Poor little guy- winter's gotta feel so long to him!

So, when we had several days of beautiful sunshine recently, we tried to take advantage of it, even though it was still cold outside. We even went on a bike ride- ha! Now this same road is snow covered and icy again, but for just a couple days we could pretend it was Spring already :) And that the boys' bikes aren't absolutely too small for them at this point!

This moment above is one I won't soon forget :) Ryder was waiting in the school pick-up line for Cooper with me and opened the sun roof. He popped out and said "This is my exit hatch!" I just thought that was so cute and such a boy thing to say. Pretty sure any sun roof will be the "exit hatch" for the rest of my life. :)

One of those pretty days, Cooper came home so excited to have earned this certificate and prize for being an excellent student that day! I know that he struggles to stay engaged at school and often just gets  bored and distracted, so this was pretty awesome :) He's a great student and excited about pretty well everything, but that can certainly work against him at times too. :)

Cooper has really been getting in to reading lately- he loves Magic Tree House books and can read an entire one in an afternoon/evening to be able to take an AR test on it the next day. He's working hard to get in to the next level of books at school :) It's fun to see Ryder wanting to read beside him too.

 Do your kids get super silly whenever there's any sort of new audience around? These two sure do! Grandpa and Grandma are so good to stop in, even if only for a second, when they are passing by our house. The boys drive them, my Dad specifically, nuts while they're here and then calm down again after- sheesh! They particularly love to try and steal Grandpa's hat :)

Taron and Keaton have been around the usual weekends lately too, but they spend the days with their Dad at our aquarium shop when they are- he's the reason they come, after all :)



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