Friday, January 31, 2014

Zombie Makeup using Household Items {Feeding the Craze}

In all honesty, I watch more kids cartoons than any other TV.... like by a long way more.

But that doesn't mean I don't hear about what the real world is watching. And even I know that another season of The Walking Dead is about to begin! I've heard Taron and Keaton talk about how awesome this show is, so today I decided to be a part of the craze and join my favorite bloggers for a special zombie edition round-up inspired by The Walking Dead! If you're cooler than me (highly likely!) and could tell me all about the show too, then you'll love these ideas:

Brain Shaped Ham and Onion Cheeseball‏ from Happy Hour Projects,
Zombie Warning Yard Sides from 4 You with Love,
Zombie Warning Door Hanging from It Happens in a Blink;
Middle: Free Zombie-Inspired iPhone Wallpaper from Pitter and Glink;
Bottom Row, from left to right: Friendly Crochet Zombie Doll from Repeat Crafter Me,
Free Printable Zombie Valentine from Do Small Things with Love,
and me...
at least I think ;)

Ever watched The Walking Dead and been inspired to maybe zombify yourself?!

Stephen and I got all decked out to be zombies for a Halloween party we went to a couple of years ag.! We kinda thought our makeup turned out pretty great- and it was really fun to do! We watched THIS video (from the makeup artists for The Walking Dead) and went on a search around town for liquid latex... to no avail

Sooo.... I read THIS article to figure out a replacement we could do at home. It was so easy and, I thought, really effective! Taron and Keaton loved it- Stephen had fun trying to scare them! Ever since (yes, even to this day), they want to get the zombie treatment themselves. :) So this is like the teenager version of face painting- ha! ;)

Gross, eh?!
The replacement for liquid latex was simplewhite tissue paper and school glue!
Here's a quick list of the specifics of how we did it:

1) We spritzed torn strips of tissue paper with a spray bottle, then pressed it where we want to create a gash on our face. I left it kinda wrinkly on my skin instead of smoothing it.

2) Then we just used our fingertips to apply a thick layer of white glue around the edges of the paper and on top. I kinda left it thick and bumpy, like that part of my face had been cut into.

3) Stephen mixed his glue with oatmeal to give it a rotting type of look :)

4) We dried it with the cool setting on my blow dryer,

5) then sponged on white cream makeup over our entire face, mixing grey some too. (If I were to do it over again, I'd mix in some green I think.)

6) Next we hollowed out our eyes and lips with black.

7) Then we blotted the gash portions with grey, black and green costume makeup- just the cheap stuff from Walmart. 

8) Then we sprayed Zombie spray blood on the gashes- it was thick like gel. I thought the darker red look much better personally.

9) We also put tons of conditioner in our hair to make it look gross! It doesn't even show, but I grossed my hair up way more than I was comfortable with! I pressed, seriously, probably 6 or 7 handfuls of conditioner into my hair, then ratted it while I was bent over- it was a mess! But still, it hardly even looked too much worse for the wear! 

10) We ripped and blood sprayed our clothes a little too- nothing major. We also rubbed some mud on our clothes. 

11) Oh- just remembered- Stephen's teeth are some zombie teeth he found- they came just like that! He had to take them out while we were at a party so he could talk normally :)

For the fun of it, I tried out The Walking Dead 'Dead Yourself' app-
it's like the digital version of this makeup...

Oh. my. cah-reepy! Is it just me or did my eyes just become twice as large... oops! Kinda fun if you dig the show for sure- no doubt the older boys will be wanting to try this out! 

Alright, enough of this nasty stuff... I'll now return you to the regularly scheduled program around here :) Make sure to check out the other posts too and thanks for being here!



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