Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wood Creations of Idaho Falls Giveaway!

Last month kinda got skipped and I'm glad to be back in the swing of sharing a Wood Creations giveaway with you! I LOVE their Valentines collection- had a hard time picking this month! I decided on this super door hanging decor above and made it my own, as usual ;) 

(This was my second favorite!)

Lots of fun ones, eh? Something for whatever your taste and style :) I liked all the cool black papers.

This is the sign that was hanging in the store and I was drawn to it more than any other kit!

Got all my pieces out and quickly sanded the edges of the larger heart. I liked that the other pieces are made of a different material that really didn't need any sanding.

I thought I'd opt to not go through the drill of creating these fun kits in super detailed detail (yes, I specialize in proper adjective matching...:P) this time around... you already know how easy this whole process is! And if not, THIS POST will help get you started :) Trace, Paint, Cut and clip, distress and mod podge... These kind of projects sorta get me in a groove... it's a pretty great place to be really :)

I couldn't fit the entire heart on one sheet of paper... after struggling to match the dots just right (interesting how something that looks so uniform (like a sheet of white polka dots) at a glance really isn't when it comes right down to it...) I ended up just matching up as good as I could and then folding the edge down to know where to cut.

And once the cuts were all nicely mod podged onto the wood and I was ready to move along... I realize I'd just done all that to the wrong side of the heart- gah! And it's obviously not just a symmetrical deal that I can flip over no problem... only one side of the smaller heart is beadboard :/ So I got to see the fun ladies at Wood Creations two times in one week :D

And maybe buy six sheets of cute paper when I really only needed one, of course.

Moving on... this was the first time I'd used beadboard in a kit and I love how it looks! But I did have to kinda troubleshoot how to cut my strips just right... I traced the whole heart, then made darker marks at the points where the strips start and end, like above

With the entire heart cut out around the outside, I could then match up those darker marks at the top and bottom of my paper trimmer... I did have to pay close attention to not just my marks , but also keeping the lines straight. I didn't get it perfect, but close enough! I thought this solution for cutting beadboard was pretty ideal... next time I'll make sure the entire heart fits correctly, with no excess around the edges, before making my marks to cut- that would've saved any headache at all. If this doesn't make sense now, it'll come together no problem as you go, for real :)

My two heart didn't sit together real flush... but I was able to connect them by setting the smaller one of top to see where they connected best, then putting a good amount of hot glue in that area specifically... worked great- I even tried to get them apart after!

Finishing touches and toppings- all done! And yes, yes, I know... really gotta work on my bow tying skills...  boys world, ya know? ;) I really love how it turned out though- hello Valentines season!

And now you can enter to win your OWN kit of this very same project- simple and fun! Enter below and I'll announce on my social media when it ends next week- good luck!

And LOCALS... Wood Creations also said that if you mention you saw my post about them when you are in the store paying, they'll automatically give you a 15% discount! Just mention Capital B when are checking out- awesome!

It's a good thing too... cause good luck not buying six papers when you only need one or two ;)



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