Monday, January 20, 2014

Party with Personality #RubbermaidSharpie

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Rubbermaid and Sharpie but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RubbermaidSharpie

So here's the thing: we're honestly not so much sports fans around here. My husband records hunting shows, not football playoffs. And I don't know which I'd prefer to suffer through with him- ha!

However, we'll take pretty much any good reason... maybe even any somewhat mediocre reason... to invite people over for a party! I also happen to have a Bachelors degree in Public Relations and Advertising and can remember when watching the Super Bowl was an actual assignment! So there you have it- Super Bowl shindig at our house, football watching optional, commercial watching likely :) 

I had the chance to prep for a Super Bowl party at Target with Rubbermaid and Sharpie brands. If you follow on Instagram, you got to see Ryder being silly shopping with me :) And that both of these brands are on price cut at Target right now :)

To top it off, you can text COUPONS to TARGET (type the word in the phone number area) starting on January 25th (this coming Saturday) until February 8th, to get an extra dollar off Rubbermaid food storage or any Sharpie four pack or more. Target is one place I really like using coupons- great for stacking store and manufacture coupons. I used to do more of that actually... need to get back on the band wagon that way! :P

So I knew I wanted to create some fun riser things to put the Rubbermaid food storage containers I got to lay out for a party on top of. Kinda like giving each bowl or tray it's own cupcake stand sort of thing :)

After totally sweating how I would create a stand that could hold some larger bowls, I finally just decided to grab some glass vases from the dollar store that I knew I'd have a lot of ability to decorate. I figured it would work to use more than one of them per Rubbermaid to keep it sturdy. And it worked! Yay for a cheap solution to actually achieve what I was going for- too often I'd just toss my hands with the extra, fun things I want to make happen for our parties honestly!

I used a bit of clear packing tape rounded over to keep the the Rubbermaid bowls and trays on the risers. If we were the jumping up and down, hard core cheering for the team type folk, this wouldn't be enough to keep the food all stable, but for our purposes, it worked fine. If you need extra stability, the more rounded, short risers would work best :)

I chose Rubbermaid Take Alongs bowls and flat, tray type containers. I thought they'd be ideal for drinks and ice and for little nut mix cups :) I decorated the glass risers really simply with the Sharpie markers- that was totally the fun part! Nothing at all difficult, but still added a ton of personality to the whole spread like I was going for.

All the while, Coop and Ry were begging to draw with the new colorful markers too. So I had the thought that I could spread comics from the newspaper across our table and let them have at it!

I covered the table with a double layer of newspapers, making sure the ones on top had people, kids, toys or comic strips on them. I taped  them down in places with painters tape so the boys could draw without getting frustrated. I pulled their shirts off to avoid any stains and they loved it! Cooper specifically caught right on and made his own funny pictures out of the newspapers...
I'll absolutely be laying this out again, maybe with a leaf in our table to make it bigger even, during our Super Bowl party! It can keep the kids entertained while we become football fans for the day ;)

And we're ready for a fun, colorful party! I'm excited to have these risers to use for other party occasions too. Plus it got me excited for decorating glass with Sharpie markers otherwise too :)

As for this party itself... go Seahawks! Go Broncos! And yes, I had to search to see who was even playing :)

Whatever you'll be doing February 2nd, remember to prep for it with that $1.00 off coupon from Target starting this weekend! Just text COUPONS to TARGET and you're set :)



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