Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Masculine 2014 YM/YW Theme Printables

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I rather like themes. I'm always excited to see what new theme the organizations in our Church will have for the coming year. For Primary this year, it's Families are Forever. And for the youth, it's the beginning of Moroni 10:32- 'Come unto Christ, and be perfected in Him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness..."

I love this- I feel like it has power to motivate teenagers in a hurry, or anyone of us really. I've given Taron and Keaton small printed cards of the theme for the past couple of years... I wanna say in their Easter baskets. And every time I buy those cards, I have to seriously scour that small section of the Church bookstore to find anything without flowers or scrolls or loopy cursive and such. If I'm remembering right, I think I actually settled for a slightly girly one last year... still totally worked, just wanted quite as "guy-ish" as I'd have liked.

So, this year I thought I'd create some theme printables myself, specifically with a masculine feel. I plan on hanging these in Taron and Keaton's room for when they are here. Maybe you have a husband serving in Young Men's that you could throw this into the cover of his binder. Whatever use you find, I know this theme will be a nice daily reminder for anyone who sees it... specifically your boys will actually read through the whole thing instead of looking away too quickly ;)  They are all sized 8x10 for printing right at home.

CLICK HERE for a document that includes all seven colors. Just specify which page you want in your printer options. Enjoy! 

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