Sunday, October 12, 2008

October Winter

After hearing there was a winter storm watch for our area and getting brief flutters of snow on Friday, we woke up on Saturday morning to winter! Cooper stood on the couch at the window and kept pointing out at it to us- so cute to see him discovering snow and the whiteness!

After snowing hard all day Saturday and into the night, this is what this morning looked like:

We've been hearing this winter is supposed to be a big one and boy, we believe it! Makes me even morso want to be prepared. We love the white and the change in seasons, but were hoping to mow our lawn really short and get our yard more ready for snow that it is now! Through today it melted quite a bit and no doubt won't last long. Just a little prep for what is to come I guess...

Tomorrow is Columbus Day and a holiday, so Cooper and I will spend the day together before going back to the grind of work and the babysitter again on Tuesday. Only a few weeks left though until I'll be home to help him discover snowmen, mittens, the smells of pine and cinnamon, twinkle lights, sleds, and (lukewarm) hot cocoa. Clearly jumping in leaves is an unknown. :)


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