Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Us Lately

This last weekend, Cooper and I traveled home to Moore to see Cinderella... actually, Cyndel as the Homecoming Queen in the school parade and game! It was fun to see her, my parents, Lundyn and Quincy. This isn't the best pic of Cyndel, but it's what I was able to get while trying to keep Cooper from getting run over in the process. Like my brother that's on a mission said... it would be better without the "goober" next to her :) She was so pretty and I was so proud to be there supporting her. She's beautiful from the inside :)

I brought back home a small blue chair for Cooper that my parent's didn't need anymore. Well, that chair has quickly become a stool around our house and may need to become an outside toy... :) He would've crashed big time yesterday if I hadn't been right there to catch him.

Cooper recently found a printed picture of my extended family- the one that was taken just (10 days!) before he was born and Conner left on his mission. I hung it on our fridge and he loves looking at it and trying to say names. He especially points out his brothers- he's getting pretty good at saying Taron and just nods his head when I try to get him to say Keaton (it's harder obviously). He says "see" for Quincy, "pa" or "papa" for Grandpa and just smiles for Grammie. Gotta love cute little things like this :)


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