Monday, August 9, 2010

Beaching and Fishing... Redfish 2010

As always, it wouldn't be summer without Redfish! This year we made more great memories at one of my favorite places on earth. Cooper is still talking about all the fish Dad caught, Ryder ate and loved his first watermelon, I soaked up the nostalgia of this beautiful place and the boys both got buried in the sand. Redfish as a mom is certainly different than it was as a girl, but I love passing it on to my kids and know the years ahead will only bring more memories!

Coop in Grandma's hat! He was so cute and it worked great! My Mom was awesome to play with the grandkids on the beach- she was the only one that could actually catch the little fish.

Bathing the little boys at our campsite and getting them ready for bed. They loved the warm water and I loved that they were clean again (if only for a little while)!

On the way home we stopped along the river to fish. Stephen had been told this was the place to go and indeed it was! Cooper was in a state of bliss as Dad and Taron caught fish after fish after fish. We cooked them up for Sunday dinner the next day!

Thanks to all of my family for making a great trip- was fun to spend some time with my Uncle Brent's family, watch Cooper and Garrett play when my Aunt Lisa and family camp for the day, visit with my brother and sisters, and share a campsite with my Grandpa and Grandma Waddoups. Thanks Mom and Dad for being what makes it all come together and happen, even now that I'm older. The best of times no doubt... :)



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