Friday, August 20, 2010

Ryder Turns One!!

Yesterday and while we were at Lundyn's we celebrated Ryder's first birthday! Hard to believe that just a year ago he was just this adorable little bundle! Gosh it wrenches my heart how fast time flies. But the last year has been great with him in our mix. Before he came I wondered how I would do with two and now I can't comprehend life without him!

He loved his own little cake and devoured a cupcake at Lundyn's too! Cooper helped with the sprinkles :) And if you can't smear syrup in your hair on your birthday, well what can you do...

Thought I'd mention a few Ryderisms...
  • Ryder is a ball boy! He draws to pretty much any kind or size of ball. His very favorite are golf balls and he will cling to one and not let go! I call a golf ball "the binki" because it's about the same effect for this little guy.
  • He doesn't walk yet but wants to so bad! You can tell he just yearns to cruise around better. His favorite method for getting around is the bear crawl, on his hands and feet with his bum in the air!
  • The first thing that most people say when they see Ryder is, "Wow, he's a blondie!" or something like that. Somehow he has gotten lighter as he's gotten older and is more blonde than either Stephen or I.
  • Ryder is a good eater and generally tries most anything. Favorites are yogurt, animal crackers, bananas, cheese, pasta, watermelon- the usual.
  • He loves to be most anywhere Cooper is, particularly outside. He loves the water and draws to it quickly. He also likes the trampoline and getting bounced around as Cooper plays.
  • He is generally a content, animated personality. His smile takes up his whole face and he gives it willingly and often. He's also very cuddly and loves to snuggle. I so appreciate his easy-going attitude.
  • We love this little boy! Happy First Birthday Ry Ry :)


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