Monday, August 30, 2010

Recent Simple Goodness

Ryder loves to ride on the back of Cooper's trike! I stay super close when he does so he doesn't plink off, but I think they are the cutest thing! In their jammies, enjoying summer dusk....

And here's a few things I've made over the last month or so. I've been loving learning to sew! I don't get to sit at the machine very often it seems, but it is so fun when I can!
This is a diaper clutch- it's made out of a place mat and holds diapers in a pocket on one side and a travel wipes case in the other. I also made myself one of these and I LOVE it! So handy and a lot more inconspicuous than packing a diaper and wipes to the changing room. I love the fraying flower on the clasp! I got the idea and followed the instructions from here. Made two of these for a double baby shower awhile back...
... and included this fun little baggie of bib clips as part of the packaging! They were a hit with the moms-to-be. They are binder clips attached to both ends of a strand of ribbon. Put it around the back of baby's neck and clip an unfolded napkin or paper towel to the clips for an instant bib! I made myself one of these too and leave it in my bag for when we are out- such a creative idea that I found here!

And these are some bibs I made for Lundyn. I was given one similar when Cooper was born and it was my favorite so I used it as a basis for making these- I love having a washcloth to clean things up when eating is over! And the headband was for Quincy- loved this fabric!
Just a few things that remind me life is good... hope anyone stopping by to see has a great rest of the week!


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