Friday, August 20, 2010

Shameless Plug

Last weekend we tried something new that I wanted to make sure and post about here on the blog- Bountiful Baskets!

You've probably heard about it or tried it yourself already, but it's a food co-op that operates in several states across the west. You pay on-line for your produce by Tuesday night, then on Saturday at the time and place you selected, you go and drive through to pick up your basket. Each basket is $15 and you definetly get more than that worth of produce! It's half fruit and half vegetables and there are other options you can select too, like bread and granola.

I was unsure of what to expect, but was so pleased with everything! The whole process was slick and hopefully it will work out that I can volunteer next time. Last night we had the best salads with almost entirely what was in the basket. In mine there was:

10 plums

One pound strawberries

Two pound bag of grapes

One pound carrots

6 ears of corn

One head of romaine lettuce

3 tomatoes

One canteloupe

6 pears

8 bannanas

One eggplant

6 cucumbers

Wow, huh?! We will definetly be trying this again in the future. There are all sorts of locations and you can learn about it and get involved yourself at!



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