Friday, August 20, 2010

A Visit Full of Favorite Things

At least once a month, Stephen ventures to Nevada for several nights in a row to take care of our favorite clients ;) This last week he was going to be gone an extra night even, so I loaded up the boys and went to visit Lundyn and take them to the zoo! It was really a great trip filled with some of our favorite things and people. Cyndel suprised us by taking the day off of work and coming over with my Mom to join us! Thanks Lundyn for a great trip- you made it awesome!

Not so successful attempt to get a pic on Lundyn's front steps, but I think they are adorable just sitting there- don't even have to try at all!

The "big 'ole snake" was probably Cooper's favorite thing at the zoo!

Don't you love how zoo pics tend to be of the back of people's heads? :) Thought this was super cute though!

Coop also loved this huge turtle! I loved hearing "Mom, look!" the whole time we were there!



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