Saturday, February 12, 2011

Never Bored

One of my favorite projects we've done around here lately has been "melty crayons". I had the griddle out after making pancakes one morning and remembered this idea I had seen awhile back. So we tried it out! And LOVED the results...

I turned the griddle on quite low, but not too low (kinda had to keep adjusting slightly up and down), and put a cookie sheet right on the surface. Then I put a piece of normal printer paper on the cookie sheet. We got out Cooper's wax crayons (normal crayons would work too), peeled the wrappers off and started drawing. It worked best when we held the crayon down for a sec before starting to move it around. Using lots of colors on one sheet and smearing them together made for some neat effects! Super fun- one Cooper has asked for many times since! Perfect for our Art Gallery:

I love this thing by the way... It's a long, narrow sheet of wood, mod podged or painted, with clothespins across the bottom for hanging kids' artwork (or whatever). Coop loves having his creations displayed! If you're interested, I do have a couple left from our craft fair last fall. :)

Another fun thing has been window painting! Cooper loves to paint and loves washing the windows, so I thought this would work great for us! Ryder was able to join in as long as he wanted on this one too. See how the cat is wondering what on earth?! Get the recipe for these paints HERE.

And a parting shot: two happy little dudes... we love them!

And if you need a yummy idea for Valentine's morning breakfast... click HERE for this awesome recipe! As I was editing this pic to put it on here, Coop came up beside me and asked if I would "go make us some of those!" You think Ryder agrees? :)



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