Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun Awards

I was excited last week when I received thes fun blog awards from the talented Tim at La-de-la-de-da! It was fun to scroll through her blog and the other blogs she chose for the awards too!

Here's how the awards works:

Thank and link back to the person(s) who bestowed the awards

Share 7 random things about yourself

Nominate 15 other awesome bloggers

Contact those bloggers and inform them about the award

So here's seven random things about me:

1) If I could have a genie grant me even just one wish, without a doubt I would wish that I no longer required sleep!
2) I have Type One diabetes and have had for 23 years now
3) Sonic Happy Hour makes me happy! My current favs: Cranberry vanilla Coke Zero or Lime Slush with Grape :)
4) Confession: I actually don't care for honey. Or cream soda.
5) If I had to choose just one item out of my makeup bag to grab and go, it would be mascara.
6) I'm quite sure I'll go to my grave with long hair.
7) I love fonts! Favs right now: Susie's Hand, Cicle, MA Sexy, Romance Fatal Serif, Orial... and so it goes!

And 15 awesome blogs I'm passing this award on to:
1) I've just smiled and enjoyed whenever I visit Heather at Dragonfly Designs

2) Lettie, Nicole and Rachel at Heaps of Laundry- Love their blog description in the sidebar
3) I just get pulled in by Kyla at Funky Polkadot Giraffe!
4) Love the personality and realism of Mariesa at Ten Cow Chick 
5) B-E-A-U-tiful ideas for Relief Society or Primary by Jenn at Ambrosia Girl
6) Helena- really great photography and warmth at Life on Jefferson Lane
7) Fellow boy Mom, Heather, at Mommy's Little Helper
8) Yummy recipes and organization from Jo at Frosted Happy Cupcakes!
9) Wow! I am in awe of 365 Days in the Life by Rachel at Idaho Cheneys
10) Ideas galore from Becca at Naptime Journal
11) Some of my fav tutorials have come from Skip to My Lou
12) AWESOME digital kits from Summer at Summertime Designs- I LOVE this site!
13) My Montessori Journey- simply a GREAT place for kids ideas
14) I totally enjoy Anna's blog A Million Little Things
15) And I never fail to be inspired by Alison at Oopsey Daisy
Phew! There you have it... I hope these bloggers know they are appreciated and enjoyed! And thanks again Tim! Have a great day all :)



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