Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Heart Treats

I've been missing my friend Monica! Not too long ago she made the awesome decision to homeschool her boys and, while it was the best decision ever (and I am so proud of her!), we simply can't get together or even talk as much as we used to. But if there is anything that we will make work, it is getting together to be crafty with our boys! Last week we finally had some together time and made the cutest Valentine treats EVER!...

The cool lady who thought of this idea was thinkin' indeed! Awhile back Stephen happened upon this ginormous Christmas clearance sale and bought up about 100 boxes of fruity candy canes for 19cents each... (not really but you get the idea...) sooooo, I remembered this fun idea and broke off the ends to try it out! As far as taste goes, these are what they are, but they sure win when it comes to cute! Coop loved sharing with Taron and Keaton when they were here last weekend!

Aren't these lovely?! And I must admit, I could eat about ten of them in a day! They are really yummy! Made famous by Bakerella and adorable by us! The boys' favorite part of the whole afternoon was mushing up the cake and frosting mixture, then making cool shapes and hearts to dip. Really we made the hearts while they crafted rockets, blobs, SpongeBob, snakes, etc. :) Gosh, we love having boys! Anyhow, if you haven't ever made cake pops, you really must! ;) Happy Valentines all!



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