Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paint and Pancakes

Cooper loves paint and I'm always trying to come up with different ways to keep it interesting for him. Both he and Ryder love when I make bath paints for them- and I actually love mixing them up too!

We've tried two different kinds- mixing clear dishsoap with a few drops of food coloring and also mixing shaving cream with food color.

I like the foamy texture of the shaving cream, but really the boys enjoyed them both the same it seemed. Both are really easy to wipe down when the bath is over!

Another really fun paint activity we tried was putting several drops of washable paint inside a small box, then Coop found a handful of small rocks, closed the lid and shook it up!

He really enjoyed this and tried lots of different times, excited each time to see how the paint would splatter and mix up inside. He ended up painting the outside of the box for a new treasure chest!

I had seen the idea to try bubble painting on Dragonfly Designs and thought this would be one Coop would really like. I put paint and bubble solution (about half dishsoap, half water) in a bowl and let him have it blowing bubbles with a straw! Then he dipped paper in the big bubbles for a neat effect. The blowing was certainly the highlight more than the "painting" itself! And yes, we practiced the blowing instead of sucking first!

So lots of fun painting go on around here lately! In seperate news...

...we having been loving these cinnamon swirl pancakes! I make normal pancake batter, then whip up an easy cinnamon filling to swirl on top just after spooning batter onto the griddle. I like taking a spoon and marbling it... Then top with butter and whip cream- yum! I don't actually care for the taste of maple, so this is much better in my book! :)

Cinnamon swirl recipe:
1 Tbs milk
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
1 Tbs flour
Usually double this to get enough pancakes out of it. Kind of gets slightly crispy when you flip it over- makes for a nice light crunch. Enjoy!

Paint and Pancakes... pretty important staples in our boy's life world!



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