Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally... Snow!

For about two months now, we've been wanting to try snow painting and there has been no snow in southern Idaho! But we got just enough for just long enough to get it done last weekend!

You fill spray bottles with water and food coloring, then have at it spraying the snow! I originially saw this idea at The Idea Room. Coop LOVED this- and I love the pic below! Don't you love it when you capture sheer joy in a photo?!

Ry thought the snow itself was a novelty and packed the spray bottles around a bit. He really enjoyed the sled though! We actually did this twice in two days- once when it was really snowing hard and the next morning when it was clear and beautiful. I pulled the boys on the sled down the road and it's a good thing we got out when we did- in typical fashion, the roads were back to pavement by afternoon!

And cocoa after it all- like icing on the cake! ;) Already the rain has disappeared the snow and our yard is a mud bath- but we'll be taking the bottles home to the mountains in a few weeks for sure!



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