Friday, March 2, 2012

Coop Behind the Camera

Quite awhile ago, my parents gave Cooper a bright orange Kidizoom camera.
It's popularity among his favorite things kinda comes and goes,
and right now, it is IT in his world.
He takes pictures of everything! And I really mean everything-
the thing holds 648 pictures and I've now moved them
to our computer twice in the last month or so!
This most recent download, I actually was quite intrigued by-
what a peek into my little guy's head and personality!
I couldn't resist sharing, ya know, a few:
(totally unedited, I might add)


There were lots of his little brother, most of them looking like that blur above! Ryder is too fast and Cooper doesn't always (hardly ever) hold still through the entire click either! I will say that this is a pretty sweet shot of our family friend, Gary, though :)

This one he actually asked me to take, of "just me and you" :)

Froggie keychain flashlight, amazing huge shell from Grandpa and Grandma, his art on our board, vitamins he takes and loves, his foot, Wild Kratts on TV, the awesome tooth necklace he found at a gas station and paid for with his own money, his rocket boots, a fort... ya know, the really important stuff :)

I can't even explain how I melt seeing all these! I'm sure it's all worthless to most anyone reading, but this is his creative, bright little world and I just couldn't love him more!



There was a huge amount of this little guy above, who I think lately is named "Stinky Walnut Tree." If there is anything he loves more than this camera right now, it's his albino leopard gecko! I'm quite sure it doesn't love him as much... he's probably more like it's own personal "Darla." What'da do? :)

And of those 648 images, the very largest majority of them are self portraits... which I love! This one above is adorable! He makes me smile and laugh!

See that wink and kissy face?!?
Watch out world...



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